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This monitor is so ridiculous, I love it.

ETH mining stops TODAY. Hopefully (not for me, I already spent way too much on a GPU last year) GPU prices will drop significantly.
Incoming: Apple announces end of cable charging, with future models only having wireless charging.

Of course, with proprietary charging tech.
Deadline is end of 2024, I'm still hoping that they'll have to switch, since wireless charging isn't nearly as fast. (and probably won't be much faster by then)
It's an anime, where people get stuck in a VR game with a similar situation: if they die in the game, they die in real life. Except they can't log out either, and are stuck in the game for up to a year (I think it was a year. Been a while since I've seen it). They are only released after they manage to "beat" the game.

If that premise sounds like a cool idea, the first season is pretty nice. But then it starts to get weird, and introduces villains with weird rape fantasies, cousins falling in love with the protag, arranged marriages, shit like that. It's the staple of "oh god anime is so weird".
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