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People misinterpreting technology, what else is new?

ChatGPT is an amazing tool. But it's a text generator, not a search engine. It's a very (creepily) good text generator, but that's all that is. Something about monkeys and typewriters, except now the monkey is self aware enough to know which words fit together.
Great analogy!
21GB of VRAM? Holy mother of

I'm.. confused. I was always under the impression Apple devices (smartphones in particular), last extremely long. Hell, my iPhone is 5 years already, still running great with the newest iOS. Looks like they're attacking the wrong company imo.

France is fighting to save your iPhone from an early death / French prosecutors have launched an investigation into the scourge of planned obsolescence
Reddit really dun goofed. After Apollo, RIF (Reddit is Fun) is also shutting down.
Man, reddit and twitter are really hanging out all the dirty laundry, huh?

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