If you could literally destroy a website, which one would it be?

A few years ago, I used to get nightmares with nyan cat.
As a random fact I told somebody I knew - the bastard told everyone. It was the worst decision I made in the last few years.
For an entire year, I would see nyan.cat everywhere. It was the homepage on the school computer I was assigned to. I kept changing it but somebody kept changing it back. My background was that poptarded bastard. My phone sometimes disappeared and when it appeared back on my desk the ringtone was... guess what. I don't need to say anything about the background.
Someone put a nyan cat poster on the class door. They would draw the nyan cat on the whiteboard. If we were in another class they'd draw it on the blackboard. etc.
Nobody in my class said a word about these things. I was the only one who would react. It was as if I was insane.
Never again, my friend. Never again.
^ I don't think you'll like Deadmau5' car then..

Not like that. 458 is a great car, but that paintjob is horrible.
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