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    Boy has cat-eyes, can see in the dark

    Where do you think you were before you were born? :troll: I don't think you grasp the idea of evolution, not all species change to a certain point or characteristic... Look at the Khan academy video detailing it, best explanation ive seen.
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    Boy has cat-eyes, can see in the dark

    How do you think evolution works? Its a series of genetic mutations which alters the DNA of the human species, and in turn the strongest and those able to adapt to change the fastest survive as the old die. Ushering in a new type of human...
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    Boy has cat-eyes, can see in the dark

    Evolution just doing its thing...
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    The Statue of Liberty in Paris, 1887. Ready for shipment to the United States.

    Send it back. The US has no right holding a symbol of liberty and freedom in its current state.
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    "Anonymous" is on a hacking spree to revenge the death of MegaUpload.

    When someone does something you don't like, do you act like an idiot and jump straight to punching them, or do you sit back and try to talk them down or intimidate them? The latter is generally better, because the first only escalates the problem.
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    "Anonymous" is on a hacking spree to revenge the death of MegaUpload.

    They fail to realize that by hacking these companies and causing problems around the net, only gives congress more fuel for their censorship machine. They show the white house that they need to have a noose put on the neck of the internet to allow the government a chance to stop them before...
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    Marketing explained

    Dildos are fucking expensive, so free ones essentially sell themselves.
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    Marketing explained

    Step 1. Set up a booth Step 2. Big sign that says "Go fuck yourself" Step 3. Free dildos for everyone. Done.
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    Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Series: Targeting and Weapons

    Been waiting on this for a while... I hope though a game comes up soon with realistic maiming... IE when you shoot someone in the head, the back of their head blows out, missing hands, chunks, etc from shotguns... etc, etc.
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    Walk off the Earth - Somebody That I Used to Know

    Guy on the far right looks like Mr.Dea no?
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    good excuse not to play with pellet guns indoors...
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    TVShack's student founder can be extradited to US, court rules

    No they dont...
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    Energy drink poisonings increase: study

    Well that settles it, more recently ive been getting sick after drinking them... Mostly NOS and Rockstar, havent tried with Monster again. Had a serious stomach problem the past 3 days after drinking a NOS and Rockstar... Heart had some irregular beating too... makes sense now.
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    Quake 3 Kicked and Removed AnnihilatioN parody

    It makes sense, because to me Quake is synonymous with blocky graphics and old school gaming, like a bit of gaming history that shouldn't be re-written... Look at Quake 4 and Quake Wars, Quake wars flopped, and Quake 4 was mixed.
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