The Russian invasion of Ukraine

That's 1/3rd destroyed.

Ukraine says it has sunk another warship, disabling a third of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet
Sunken by a country that has no standing Navy force, btw.

Absolutely wild, that this is happening. The inclusion of drones to armed combat is changing the way battles are fought.
Never gonna happen. Japan has a treaty with the US says that "an attack on one country is considered an attack on the other", which means that if you threaten Japan you are also threatening the US.

Russia warns Japan on missile transfer to Ukraine, threatens ties
I was impressed for a millisecond there.
First paragraph of the article "but once again attempted to pin the blame on his favorite scapegoat Ukraine."

Putin acknowledges ‘radical Islamists’ carried out Moscow terror attack
"What are you in for?"
"117 Beats per minute."

Chechnya 'bans music that is too fast or too slow'
The Russian republic is said to have ruled that all music should "correspond to a tempo of 80 to 116 beats per minute" - meaning all western rave and techno music would be banned.
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