Rick and Morty [2013-...]

C'mon guys.

I mean... they dropped S03E01 on april fools day as well...
Man, without you telling me, I wouldn't even know the new episode was out.
Downloading now...
Well that episode was a disappointment. Jesus Christ.
Y'know, I disagree. I quite liked the episode. It wasn't the best episode, but it was still funny as hell.
S04E08 was the best one of the second half of season 4 so far!
Really enjoyed it.
S04E9 is another solid one!

Loved the children factory sequence, especially this part:


How godly good the singers were was also funny as fuck.


And the bonus clip was also on point :biggrin:
Man, I just watched E08. Fuck me, that turned dark real quick.
Great episode, though.
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