Post Your Best Scores

One of the best rounds I've had in BC2.
Once again, K/D doesn't matter, score matters. Started off as sniper and proceeded to completely fuck their shit up, playing up to third position.
Then switched to Medic and dished out medkits and revives left and right, all the while laying down some lead rain with my beloved M249 <33
Got 2 gold stars, 3 insignias and 3 knifes this round, which explains the MASSIVE point count in the overview.
Had to reinstall my PC, no more games available right now :<
Had a pretty decent run going in Skyrim, made it to level 80 and was waiting for a Legendary Dragon to show up for that last achievement, but it looks like I have to start all over now. (and yes, I could reinstall Skyrim, but my mod collection was... extensive. It would take forever to get the exact setup back again to get that save loaded again, so I'll just start over)
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