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Since a lot of games the clan is playing now are FPS games, scores and Kill/Death are important elements.
I thought it would be nice to have a place to show off your best moments from the world of online gaming!

To start off, Here's 2 of my best moments from Call Of Duty 4:

Number One

Number 2 (Used only knife in this round!)

Post yours!
Today in CrossFire, I got 42-18.. No pic though D:. I will try to get some good scores on ps3, if all these fags would stop abusing the game.

Modern Warfare 2, on PS3. Using an Intervention, which is a bolt action sniper rifle.
No camping involved ^.^ Only quick scopes and Hard scopes, rushing :biggrin:
2 of my teammates had Chopper Gunners, and they still didn't get as far as me, and that's when I lol'd xD. And I got 1 harrier, and 2 predator missiles.


Best sniping experience I have ever had.

Hah D:
My score on wasteland, also with a intervention. (No camping)
I got 2 stealth bombers, and a couple predator missiles :ninja:

Edit: Neophyte is my MW2 name. And [-LS-] was just a fun clan with me, WaFFLe and Lipslide back then.
I just had 32-3 on Quarry with a WA2000.
At 19-3 i got a chopper gunner and pwned alot of guys. (Almost no buildings :ninja:)
The only pic i got of it was this.
Nice scores everyone :pimp: And you beat me Maffia :cry:

I just got a collateral and a no scope from about 50 feet away in one match :biggrin:. That was my 6th or 7th collateral :tongue:
Not a great score here but TMS is beating everyone in that server's own clan :biggrin: XD


Slayer eventually did pass me, I forgot to take a screen at the end, TMS still had the highest score for both 1st and 2nd place :biggrin:
Just a fun lil SnD server :biggrin:

WTF? Anyone else with a TinyPic account have this happen? They deleted all the pics in my account >.<
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