Interesting thoughts

It’s considered less taboo to constantly pump yourself full of a liquid stimulant drug to keep yourself awake throughout the day rather than laying down for a quick mid-day nap.
Real wolves are always larger than people expect because the wolves in movies are all Huskies.
Trying to carry your groceries in one trip is probably the most effortful form of laziness.
Couples that try to conceive a child on Easter are initiating a microscopic version of an Easter egg hunt.
Granite forms over millions of years of heat and pressure only to spend 15 years in your kitchen before being returned to the earth because you're bored of the colour.
You cannot use drugs in the Olympics but you can use make-up and plastic surgery to win Miss World and beauty contests.
Based on how much you can bond with someone by hating the same thing, a dating app based on dislikes would probably be fairly successful.
The definition of a submarine is not a ship that can go underwater, but a ship that can go back up.
It's weird we aren't naturally designed to be comfortable sleeping on the floor since we technically shouldn't have beds.
Being in the sun for only two hours makes you realize how incredibly resilient plants are.
House pets who have never been outside must think summers are cold and winters are warm because of AC and heating.
Social media influences our parents just the way they thought video games would influence us.
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