Interesting thoughts

Saying you did something at 05:00 AM makes you sound disciplined. Saying you did something at 04:00 AM makes you sound irresponsible.
Taking pictures of random people on the street is considered less creepy the more expensive your camera is.
The real gauge of friendship is how clean your house needs to be before they can come over.
Speed bumps exist because people care more about their cars than the safety of the people around them.
It would be quite complicated to have to explain to the tax authorities that a genie granted you a wish for a billion dollars.
Every person born in 1999 is in a race to be the last human alive born in the 20th century.
The classic ipod is easier to use than the current iphone music app.
I still use it! Got an iPod Mini 1st ben beefed up to 256Gb, perfect for subway use because it doesn't have the volume limitation of the later iPods so I'm blasting my eardrums deaf. But these pieces of tech are F'ing amazing
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