If a criminal broke into your house, how would you handle the situation?


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Curious about how TMS thinks about this.

For me it depends on the situation, do you catch him, or does he spot you?
If he spots me, I'd be scared shitless, and try to run outside probably, calling the cops.
If I spot him, and have the balls, I'd try to take him out, with my baseball bat (.. that I don't have.. yet).
If he flees the scene with his vehicle, I'd chase him with my car, calling the cops while doing so, and won't give up until the cops arrive.
If they does not see me, and if I can get to the kitchen, then a knife would help a lot.
If they has a gun, I know a trick to get it out of their hands =D

If they spotted me, then I would just do the same, hoping they dont catch me.
Well, to get into my house when the doors are locked, you have to go through my room. I don't really get a chance to not be spotted. However, I do have a giant ass knife above my bed that I can grab.
Laugh and join him to search for money.

Seriously, keep quiet, hide somewhere, and call the cops.
Me neither. You can probably find me then by the sound of my rattling teeth, but I meant that it's better than putting your SO's makeup on one side of your face, charging straight on wearing nothing but your undies yelling "FREEDOOOOOOM"
We're all pussies when it comes down to it.
Seriously, you never know if a burglar has a knife or gun or..
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