Discussion GTA VI Speculation & Discussion Thread (Post-Announcement)

Teaser/logo reveal in 2 minutes?
Sadly I was wrong.
Reasoning was that RDR2 was also teased on the Sunday before the trailer.

This might mean that we won't see a trailer December 1st, but rather somewhere between December 4-8.
Small tease from Rockstar?


Today or tomorrow would be great timing for a countdown on Rockstar's website.
I could see them counting down to December 6th/7th.
Unless they will release the trailer this Friday, but I don't wanna get my hopes up too much.
My guess: teaser tomorrow, trailer next Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.
The latter being the most likely, and could spawn a 7 day countdown.
Some people are hating on other gaming companies copying this style, I see it more as a tribute, sort of respect towards R*

Since the length of the trailer has been confirmed (see above) people are speculating that they found the trailer song. Why? Well…
A remix by Genesis - That’s All was uploaded yesterday (before we knew the length of the trailer) with EXACTLY the same length as the trailer. Almost too much of a coincidence to be a… coincidence.

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