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Sooo, is this gonna be a multiplayer only game? Because that $60 pricetag is pretty hefty, if so.
It's even worse:


If this is real we just got a confirmation of the GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas remasters.
Interesting.. looks like Microsoft is buying another studio. Could it be.. Take 2?

Some industry people more or less confirming something is up.

Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take Two might have accidentally leaked the current Xbox Game Pass subscriber amount.

In an interview with Phil Spencer of Xbox and Strauss Zelnick of Take Two, at the 34:35 Mark, Zelnick says that Game Pass has about 30 Million subscribers now. This is quickly rebuffed by a chuckle from Phil Spencer, saying the last public figure was 18M. It seems Zelnick accidentally released information he wasn't supposed to.
Why would he know that figure? Well, he would know about due to negotiations between the companies for Game Pass listings (recently GTA V and Red Dead Online) as it would determine the rates they would be paid.

The interview has since been taken down.

If this is true, Game Pass will have added 12 MILLION users in 8 months. Impressive.
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