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    [TUTORIAL] Command Prompt Tricks

    Re: Command Prompt Tricks Well so fucking what I'm tired atm. \\ is not the same as // i know but I've only just taken the time to look carefully at your post.
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    [TUTORIAL] Command Prompt Tricks

    Re: Command Prompt Tricks well whatever just dont go walking round like a smartarse. big deal you read through my tutorial and made up some code.
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    [TUTORIAL] Command Prompt Tricks

    Re: Command Prompt Tricks I don't think it would read the stuff after the comment would it? Well nevermind. P/S Np mave. P/s thanks for the cookie deathgod. ;)
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    lol funny attempts at english :tongue:
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    Gooooooooooooood Morning! I am calling from Zanzibar; What is your SORT code??

    Lol okay then. Thanks for the info :D
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    [TUTORIAL] Command Prompt Tricks

    Most of you probably know these but are blocked on school PCs and whatnot, but still there's a way to get to command prompt even if its blocked.. Here's how to do it: Run :: (not a website trust me) :: press enter - there you have it.. command prompt! :) It's no secret that in...
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    Is your PC ready for GTA San Andreas?

    Not a valid resolution. I think you must mean 1280 x 1024?
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    Game : " Throw a shoe at Bush "

    Got him with 12 shoes lmfao
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    Other theme

    I'm a Photoshop user lol. if you liked the theme on (christmas theme) then maybe I can help ya out:P PM me on MSN
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    Adding ratings to music section

    lol someones nicking them from mave - he's got 95 but had 97 last time i checked :huh:
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    Well, maybe we could get mave to add it and it could have (checked) torrents/software links from 'trusted' members. Anyone vote the idea? :smile3:
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    Adult Picture Board

    Lol if your dad checks your history delete it from your history :D But the warez section so what if it's 250 posts java exploits ftw. ;)
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    My ride ^^

    MAVE! Please get a better car that is a lump of shit LOL :mellow:
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    Adult Picture Board

    Don't you think a Warez board is enough to get you into trouble without a porn pic board? :-\
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    That's Teal you bell. :-\
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