Things you can say during sex and at a funeral


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  • I’m so sorry, were you close?
  • It was the third stroke that finished him off.
  • I know this has got to be painful and it's okay if you need to cry.
  • He left you some money.
  • I never thought it would be this hard.
  • Can I get you a tissue?
  • Man look at all these people, I had no idea Grandma was so popular.
  • The sermon was maybe a bit much.
  • Thank you all for coming here today.
  • Wow, he's really stiff!
  • Please, close your eyes and bow your head.
  • Just shove him in there and get it over with.
  • I can't believe how lifelike she looks.
  • We're going to need 6 guys to do this properly.
  • At least it was quick and painless.
  • I felt the priest said some kind things, at the end.
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