Roll Back to Windows 10 from Windows 11?


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Hi, a few days ago i've installed the windows 11 insider preview in my Lenovo Yoga 720. But it seems very lagy and there are so many bugs, so i want to roll back in windows 10. Is it possible to get back windows 10 without losing any data?
Looking for the expert suggestion.
Well, I'm not gonna tell you to go away, buut... this isn't really a tech based forum.

That said, I don't think that Microsoft has a functionality built in for such a downgrade, especially for a beta build. What you could do is partition a part of your drive, install W10 on that partition, and then copy all files. Afterwards, you wipe the old (W11) partition, and re-add that space to your W10 partition.

However, it might be faster to just copy everything to an USB stick, reinstall W10 from scratch, and see if the installer doesn't remove all files.
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