Portal 2


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So I tried to play Portal 2 again lately, and it just gives me the finger.

I copied it to a external HDD to save space on my computer, and copied it back when I wanted to play. I click play in steam, and it shows me the Valve screen, the Source screen, and the first loading screen, but then it shuts down without warning or explanation. It just goes down.

I tried cleaning my registry, I tried reinstalling it (although it says it only downloaded 127 Mb, which is kinda low), I even tried verifying the gamecache and deleting the Clientregistry.blob file. Nothing works.

I am at wits end here, guys. Can anyone help? Anyone have the same problem?

Goddamn Steam forums are down, last time I found the answer there.
Impulse said:
Delete system32.

Did that, but now my screen is all blue with white text. Posting this from my brothers pc 'cause my own pc is not responding... Now what?
completely uninstall it and then reinstall it :tongue:
If it only dl'ed 127mb then it wasn't properly uninstalled from the looks of it
Can you (I don't know if possible with steam) try to install it in another directory?
Got it working. Removed it with Remove program, then deleted all local files, and reinstalled it.
Who's up for a game of Portal 2 Co-op?
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