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Just saw Crank, man what a ridiculous movie, it's so ridiculous that I love it. 7/10

Also saw Bedazzled because I was curious to see early Brendan Fraser. Sadly a 5/10 for me.

Rewatched Snatch last weekend. Still a fantastic movie. And that Pikey accent by Brad Pitt is simply amazing.

Seriously looking forward to "Ferrari", by Michael Mann starring Adam Driver.

The images released do look promising:



Saw Croupier yesterday, what an odd movie. I did like it though, 7/10.

Feels bad inc.

Gorillaz Movie Canceled Amid Netflix Animation Purge
Saw Glass Onion yesterday. It lacked all the charm the first movie had. 5/10

Saw Babylon Saturday evening, properly enjoyed it. Although it was probably 30mins too long. Review coming. 7/10

Saw Rush Hour Friday evening, it had its moment but was a bit too typical 90s for me. The movie pales in comparison to the Police Story franchise. 6/10

Saw The Mask for the first time yesterday. I did actually enjoy it, could even mostly ignore the bad CGI (which was still pretty okay given how old the movie is). 7/10

Also saw Lethal Weapon recently, and after giving Rush Hour a six last week, I decided to "upgrade" Lethal Weapon to a 7. (initially rated it a 6). LW was definitely better than RH.

I really wonder how this movie is going to perform :biggrin:

  • Some critics get paid for reviews
  • Critics judge an art piece, audiences judge how entertaining a movie is
  • 91% means that 91% of critics rated it above 5/10
Just finished watching Shoot 'Em Up. Solid 7 for me, they fit straight into the Crank movies category.

Straight savage :biggrin:

‘Dune: Part Two’ To Pick Up Right Where Viewers Fell Asleep During First One
Pedro Pascal Joins Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator’ Sequel At Paramount

Cast so far:
  • Paul Mescal as Lucious
  • Barry Keoghan Emperor Geta
  • Joseph Quinn as Emperor Caracalla
  • Connie Nielsen as Lucilla
  • Djimon Hounsou as Juba
  • Denzel Washington (TBA)
  • Pedro Pascal (TBA)
Man, Pascal is showing up everywhere these days.

Good for him. He seems like a good dude. Good to see him get some recognition.
Lord of War sequel is happening! Fingers crossed it'll be equally good as the first one.

Nicolas Cage, Bill Skarsgård Playing Father and Son Arms Dealers in ‘Lord of War’ Sequel for Andrew Niccol, Vendôme Group
Just saw The Fighter with Wahlberg and Bale. Solid boxing movie. 7/10

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