[Java] Insanely fast gif splash


Yeah, groupsex seems to be the way to go
So I have to create a game of Uno in Java. Game works decently, won't bother you with the game itself, but the splashscreen is bugging me... I have a gif I want to show that lasts for about 3 seconds, but the problem is the gif flashes insanely fast. I mean epileptic attack inducing fast.
Any idea if this is a problem with Java itself, or did I mess something up in the code itself?

The code: here.

and the gif:
I am no expert, but I suspect that your code wants to instantly load all the image files inside the .gif file instantly resulting into all of them being loaded simultaneously.
^no, it flashes alright, but it flashes as if it wants to display the entire gif 5 times in one second.
GPow69 said:
How many times does splash() get called? Once I assume?

Once and it's fixed now ::3:
I had to put a higher delay in photoshop on the frames, since Java loaded them instantly.
GPow69 said:
How much delay was on the frames initially?

None, though in a browser it looked okay (it did have some time for each frame automatically? :/)
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