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Bucharest, Romania
Why, hello there, good gentlemen and madams of TheMaveSite.

I am Silviu-Mădălin Lorenț, and I live in the marvelous Eastern European city of Bucharest, Romania, which is inhabited by Count Dracula and two million other blood-sucking vampires, including me. I have turned fourteen years old in October 2012, and I have been a rather inactive member of TheMaveSite since it was barely a few months old.
My main hobby is computer programming; my other hobbies are pets, stargazing and life in general. Another hobby of mine is linguistics; I speak Romanian and English fluently, I can make myself understood in French, I'm studying Latin and I wish to learn Hindi or Portuguese in the near future. I love languages, I can identify dozens of them and I can say phrases in a similar amount of languages.

Thank you for finally welcoming me again on TheMaveSite and I hope to have a great time here.
Wait, didn't you do this before? Also, it's kinda weird reading this from a member who has +1500 posts.
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