Guess The Movie

I admit it Sty, had to do a Google search before I could come up with the answer.. But it's The A-Team! A movie I expected to be way worse than it actually was.

I recognized it too, definitely DBAMTSCWDYJITH (not typing out the full title, fuck that)

One of the best parts of the movie (seriously, only the beginning is any good)

^ James Franco, Emma Watson and Seth Rogen??
How come I haven't watched this yet?

After googling...This Is the End

Well, I can tell you it's Eastwood, but I have got absolutely no idea which movie it is... Any clues?
Escape from Alcatraz!
TBH, I was gonna guess One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, but that's Nichelson, not Eastwood.

If you haven't seen it this movie, you have no idea what this picture is. If you have, you're singing along.

Well I can make out a Jewish flag, and space, that's it.
Aaaand thanks Google:,_Part_I

Had to double check, but definitely The Departed.

And like I said, if you don't know about Jews in Space, you have no idea :)

Let's go with an easy one:
Kids and trippy visuals? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

They had to give him a big cigar as a prop, because he could not stop grinning like an idiot during the shooting of this scene.

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