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If I get paid 190k to do nothing, the last thing I would do is post about it on social media.

North Korea continues its war with aquaman.
I do wonder when NK is going to face some consequences for flying these rockets over other countries.

North Korean missile launch triggers evacuation order in Japan | NK News
Imagine if someone sneaks a joint into your baggage when you're travelling to Singapore.

Singapore executes man for trafficking two pounds of cannabis
That sounds like some AI generated shit.

"AI, come up with some people who are representative of minorities!"
"beep boop here's a cast of white people lol"
Balsy move.

Guy opens a heroin, cocaine, meth store with the purpose of getting arrested and making a point:
Martin told VICE News Wednesday that his plan was to get arrested eventually. He said he wants to launch a constitutional challenge arguing that prohibition has created a toxic drug supply that’s killing Canadians.
I wish this would happen in Belgium.

The French senate has recently approved the construction of new nuclear reactors

It's the Boston Bomber all over again... After Reddit crucified this woman, it turns out she was right all along.
She had paid for that specific bike and had the receipt. She wasn't being racist.

If I ever need to move far, far away. NZ will be first on my list. I keep reading great stuff about the country.

New Zealand Government announces most prescriptions will be free
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