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Conversation on Discord yesterday with @luggi made me feel nostalgic towards French Electro around 2008.
So why not collect all these unique tunes/artists in one thread?

Songs posted here will also get added to the "TMS Essentials: French Electro" Spotify playlist.

I'll start with the Godfather of French Electro, Mr Oizo.

Mr Oizo - Positif

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Proceeding with Mr. Oizo - (Flat Beat)

I think this was one of the most famous Mr Oizo tracks, they played it on Belgian TV almost constantly around the time it got released! Still love the clip :laugh:
^ I love that track, it's also one of a kind. Don't think he has more songs in this "mood".

Les Petits Pilous - Wake Up

You giving up already @luggi ? :laugh:

Not sure if these guys are French, but it does sound like French Electro to me:

Sound Of Stereo - Heads Up!

We could post all Daft Punk songs here but... let's limit it to the absolute best.

Daft Punk - Touch It / Technologic

^ Good share! Love the "My feelings for you have always been real" sample.

Had no idea Breakbot was French, but... he is!

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours

More French House than anything, but this track always throws me off the track... <3

^ Had no idea those guys were French, today I learned...

Rebotini - 777 (Discodeine Remix)

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