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Social media conspiracy videos are ridiculously stupid, I think we can all agree. People peddling nonsense pseudoscience as gospel, with a way too confident tone.

Luckily, actual science has its own protectors. Let me show you Milo Rossi, AKA MiniMinuteMan. He's an archeology/environmental studies graduate, and made a career out of putting those idiotic conspiracies on blast. His channel has both short and long form video, with the short form just absolutely flaming idiots with basic explanations about not only why their conspiracies are stupid - they are as well.

For example:

The longer form content is also great. It's not just a quick snappy explanation of why someone is wrong, it's a detailed dive into insane theories, explaining where the false data or hypotheses come from, and then absolutely dunking on them by telling how it actually works. The main "series" dealing with this is called "awful archeology", which is only 8 episodes in, so far.
Where do the 1.7 million subs come from, then? Well, his 4 part series completely shitting all over the Netflix show "Ancient Apocalypse". Said show is an awful piece of documentary making, with "archeologist" Graham Hancock traveling the world in an attempt to prove Atlantis was real, and it was all aliens. Because of course it was.
And it's absolutely hilarious to see an actually qualified and knowledgeable person completely debunk every theory they set out in that show.

Someone in the comments described the channel as "that one hilarious professor you had, ranting about something stupid", and it fits pretty well.

I saw that "IT'S A GRID SYSTEM" video that Mave shared in the discord, and figured he'd like more stuff like that :biggrin:

This sounds really good :biggrin: Cheers for sharing!

EDIT: love this one as well

EDIT2: lmao

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