Erdogan threatens Greece with missile strike


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Erdogan threatens Greece with missile strike


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan added Sunday to a long series of bellicose statements he and his ministers have directed at Greece, this time threatening to strike the country, specifically capital Athens, with a missile “unless you stay calm.”

“Greece is afraid of our missiles. They say that the TAYFUN missile will hit Athens, it will, unless you stay calm,” Erdogan said Sunday, according to journalist Ragip Soylu, Turkish Bureau chief of news site Middle East Eye.

Tayfun (Turkish for “typhoon”) is a short-range ballistic missile, or SRBM, developed by Turkey and test-fire last October 18. At about 560 kilometers, its range is more than double that of the currently known missiles in Turkey’s arsenal, the Bora-1.

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Can we.. not?
"Sir, we have a rocky relationship with NATO, after attempting to block the candidacy of two new members! What should we do?"
"Threaten another NATO member, that'll do the trick."
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