Companies will have to publish salary ranges in job adverts under new EU transparency rules


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Companies will have to publish salary ranges in job adverts under new EU transparency rules

Employers will be legally obliged to publish the salary ranges in job advertisements as part of efforts to reduce the gender pay gap.

Many employers currently avoid putting up the pay rates for jobs they are advertising and instead use phrases like "depending on experience" or "competitive salary".

Pay transparency measures:

  • Pay transparency for job-seekers – Employers will have to provide information about the initial pay level or its range in the job vacancy notice or before the job interview. Employers will not be allowed to ask prospective workers about their pay history.
  • Right to information for employees – Employees will have the right to request information from their employer on their individual pay level and on the average pay levels, broken down by sex, for categories of workers doing the same work or work of equal value. This right will exist for all employees, irrespective of the size of the company.
  • Reporting on gender pay gap – Employers with at least 100 employees will have to publish information on the pay gap between female and male workers. In a first stage, employers with at least 250 employees will report every year and employers with between 150 and 249 employees will report every three years. As of five years after the transposition of the Directive, employers with between 100 and 149 employees will also have to report every three years.
  • Joint pay assessment – Where pay reporting reveals a gender pay gap of at least 5% and when the employer cannot justify the gap on basis of objective gender neutral factors, employers will have to carry out a pay assessment, in cooperation with workers' representatives.

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