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As if there was any need for yet another Mercedes SUV, the GLB just was released.


I don't like the back of this Merc at all.
It looks like a depressed Storm Trooper, especially in white.
The front looks pretty fine, though.
The 2020 RWB doesn't even have a back bumper, it's a little over the top imo.

That looks more like a render, IMO.
And it looks pretty neat, but only suitable for trackdays.
Fake exhausts is the worst trend in the car industry ever. I dare you to prove me wrong.

You see it all the fucking time on modern cars. It's just so goddamn stupid.
First video of the new GT3 generation. Sadly only proper footage at the beginning (and a little bit at the end)
The rest of the video is certainly interesting if you're a Porsche fan though.

Chris Harris' video is even better! There's still an embargo but you can see the car at 27:58 for a bit!

Ohhh, that first line in the Carfection vid is right. That sounds is absolutely divine.
Man, that rear light looks so fucking sexy. I love the stripe across the butt.
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