Anon goes hunting


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>be me
>around 9 years old
>dad loves hunting, wants to take me
>I don't like the idea of killing animals, but I don't want my dad to think I'm a little bitch so I reluctantly go
>set the trap, put some scented food in it
>small doe comes up, have my sight lined up, ready to pull the trigger
>feel instant regret even before kilning the animal
>turn to my dad
>"Dad, I'm sorry but I really don't want to take this animal's life"
>That's okay son, why don't you just keep setting up the traps, you're really good at it
>continue to set traps
>we do this every couple of months for years, I set the traps, he takes the shots
>recently entered a trap setting contest in my local hunter union
>mfw I'm a master baiter
And I'm sure Anon's Daddy showed him all the tricks of being a master baiter, while on those hunting trips.
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