'Animals talking rap lyrics' wallpapers


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So today I stumbled upon these wallpapers, not sure what the correct name for them is, but anyway.. they're awesome.
So I decided to share with TMS.

Half of them weren't 1920x1080, so I resized them up for you guys.

Some of my fav's:

"Dirty won't be havin' it in this house cause, bitch I'll cripple yo style"
"we got 'em hot in this bitch, so pour the water on 'em"
"I'm not a killa, but don't push me"
"damn it feels good to be a gangsta"
"ridin' real slow, bending corners, my nigga"
"dolla dolla bill, yall"
"bitches can't hang with the streets"
"ass so fat, you can see it in from the front"
"don't touch me nigga, might burn yourself"
"ya'all gonna make me lose my cool up in here"
"I'm a muthafickin' cop killer."
"I keep bitches by the twos, nigga, Noah's Ark."
"cause you know a nigga just went H.A.M."
"That shit crazy"
"these niggas are killing my jive"
"you claim to be a player, but I fucked your wife. We bust on bad boys, niggas for life"
"I never give a fuck about a hater"
"I love it when you call be big papa"
"ball so hard"

NOTE: This is now the official topic for these types of wallpapers, if I stumble upon more, I'll add them to the thread.

Click for full 1920x1080 size



Yeah, groupsex seems to be the way to go
These are hilarious :biggrin: I'm gonna make one big slideshow out of all. Mave, you don't happen to have a rar or something, right? Otherwise I have to download them all manuall :\
Thanks in advance!


Hey guys, I got steam :P
In my house.
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