2019 Formula One World Championship


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Topic should have been created way earlier as to not clutter the General Sports thread but oh well.
(and since there are only 7 races left this season)


2019 Formula One World Championship

Current standings:

Grand PrixDateWinnerCarLapsTime
Australia 17 Mar 2019 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes581:25:27.325
Bahrain 31 Mar 2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes571:34:21.295
China 14 Apr 2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes561:32:06.350
Azerbaijan 28 Apr 2019 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes511:31:52.942
Spain 12 May 2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes661:35:50.443
Monaco 26 May 2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes781:43:28.437
Canada 09 Jun 2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes701:29:07.084
France 23 Jun 2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes531:24:31.198
Austria 30 Jun 2019 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing Honda711:22:01.822
Great Britain 14 Jul 2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes521:21:08.452
Germany 28 Jul 2019 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing Honda641:44:31.275
Hungary 04 Aug 2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes701:35:03.796
Belgium 01 Sep 2019 Charles Leclerc Ferrari441:23:45.710
Italy 08 Sep 2019 Charles Leclerc Ferrari531:15:26.665
Charles did it again during Singapore Qualifying, the madman!
Even though most people were expecting the Ferrari's to suffer on this street circuit, Ferrari got #1 and #3. Yes!


Race tomorrow is going to be exciting to say the least. Too bad I can't watch it live.
Race tomorrow is going to be exciting to say the least. Too bad I can't watch it live.

Are you unavailable? If I read it correctly, the race is at 14:10 Belgian time, right?
Finally saw the recap, watched bits of the race while working today but sometimes couldn't watch for 20 mins plus.

Although I was rooting for LeClerc, it felt good seeing Vettel getting a win. It's important that both riders sometimes take #1.


Oomph, Hamilton not on the podium... Has that happened yet, this season?
I wonder if the F1 social media guy got fired over this -now deleted- tweet:

Is it just me, or is Mercedes is being beaten by Ferrari and Red Bull more and more?
While I'm still happy LeClerc got third place, it would have been better to see two red suits on podium.

Interview with Bottas, just listened to this at work, made me like Bottas even more.

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