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    Welcome to the TMS SA-MP server

    how long until server is open?
  2. Nimphiouus Indian airways

    First thing that came to my mind :clap: :clap:
  3. Nimphiouus US Coast Guard boards drug smuggling submarine

    wow the actual submarine is impressive especially considering its home made, and then the tactical response of the coast guards that is insane, imagine that as a job.
  4. Nimphiouus Grateful cat

    if it was a space bag, grab the vacuum then you have a compact kitty :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  5. Nimphiouus What's the difference between a politician and a flying pig?

    we just call them cunts here
  6. Nimphiouus New exhibit in US zoo

    Americans are an exhibit of their own :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:
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    Essential / Interesting YouTube channels Channel is smarter every day, some interesting stuff on it and the guy seems interesting also.
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    I need a router, any suggestions?

    no educated person ever fell from the sky :clap::laugh::laugh:
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    "... Where am I?!"

    hello, greetings
  10. Nimphiouus RIP transmission

    I hit the clutch and brakes if i need to immediately stop, maybe its just you mave :laugh: Aswell, in the video it actually looks like the right indicator was orange, so I think the other driver was just not paying attention.
  11. Nimphiouus Creepy Sideshow Bob cosplay

    thats actually insane
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    I need a router, any suggestions?

    No we don't have internet in Australia Stybar, what we actually have is a series of passages through underground caves and another series of enslaved aboriginals that pass along information and 1's & 0's through said passages, which then link into a database (master enslaved aboriginee) that...
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    Welcome to the TMS SA-MP server

    ^ Yeah compo is mostly used for workplace accidents, however it can also be used in circumstances where someone "fraudulently" makes an accident just to receive a cash payout.
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    Welcome to the TMS SA-MP server

    ^ that's all the russians on compo after jumping in front of a car
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    Welcome to the TMS SA-MP server

    yeah absolutely, 5 - 7000 average players, was very minimal, which made me think scripting wasn't even worth it, now to be over 25k I'm very surprised, however I have checked, there still isn't a large Australian player base anymore nor servers.
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