Zoom orders workers back to the office


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Zoom orders workers back to the office


Zoom, the video communications company whose name became synonymous with remote work during the pandemic, has ordered staff back to the office.

The firm said it believed a "structured hybrid approach" was most effective and people living within 50 miles (80km) of an office should work in person at least twice a week.

It is the latest push by a major firm to row back flexible working policies.

Amazon and Disney are among the firms that have reduced remote work days.

Surveys suggest that workers are still holding onto the ability to work from home to some degree.

About 12% of workers in the US, where Zoom is headquartered, were fully remote in July, while another 29% had hybrid policies, according to a survey by researchers at Stanford University and others that has been conducted monthly since the pandemic.

Source and more: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-66432173

The irony is on another planet level.
Zoom, like a ton of tech companies, is doing major layoffs. By enabling the 50 mile wfh limit, they're saving themselves money. People will eventually quit because of this measure, resulting in Zoom saving a ton of money.
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