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Mave said:
JabbaWockeeZ said:
Mave said:
I love clipz - offline, it's the song I used for my DeathJump video :biggrin:


Uhm, may I ask... Why do you answer like "ok...", I liked the music and I posted it into the music video topic, why the hell do you give me a "Ok..." then? :tongue:
IDK, I usually say that when someone posts songs like that.
Mave said:
Don't you like dnb/house/elektro etc? :wow:


idk about jabba...

NEW SONG! :biggrin: this is only good if you have a subwoofer hooked up, or else you cant hear the bass >.< (i have a good sub, so its awesome!) the song comes on at 0:30
GPow69 said:
woozie said:

but i hear that and see the vid! :huh:

i dont know exaclty what you mean by that... go slower im a bit stupid xD
i ment there was "We're sorry, this video is no longer...." BUT the vid was OK, i hear music and see some dark pictures.
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