the homeppage is always blank if im logged in.


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For about a month now I thought something was wrong with the website. I get on today and I wasn't signed in and everything is normal and I was happy it fixed..... then I log in and it is all gone a again. I see nothing on the home page but the 3 tabs up top one being forum which is how I'm able to post this. I thought maybe I acceidently disabled it but it not an option in settings. Any advice?
Didn't work btw it is this way for my phone, laptop, desktop. If I log out I see it just fine I log in aand there is the 3 links at top a search bar and the normal buttom of the page immidiatly follows. I know pcs pretty well. And have mod and owned/ran forums before and this 1st time seeing something like this and I am stomped on how to fix it. Even tryed changing theme and layout but it only afected the forum not homepage.
Well it was apparently something wrong with my account. Ill try to delete that account and rename this one so there won't be confusion.
UPDATE: It appears some stuff was not well-configured in EZ-portal.
I fixed these settings now.
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