The GTA Remastered Trilogy | Discussion Thread (Post-announcement)

The updates are pretty big, this looks promising!

PC - R* Launcher
  • GTA III 4.23 GB
  • GTA VC 8.96 GB
  • GTA SA 18.53 GB
Nevermind the R* Launcher always re-downloads the entire game apparently.


The Trilogy is supposed to release on Steam and Epic Games TOMORROW. Yet not a single word from Rockstar.

One can only dream, but hopefully all these issues will have been fixed:

Issues with all 3 games:

- Characters and pedestrians looking very ugly
- Ugly AI upscaled textures
- Alot of object pop in (especially in San Andreas)
- LOD models being visible in the distance
- No option to turn off the control hints that are shown in the bottom right hand corner when driving/flying a special vehicle
- Removed songs
- Water looks like laundry detergent
- Misplaced textures
- Menu's aren't styled after the originals
- Shadows move on a timer, not continuous
- When driving a car or bike, a blurry texture appears under your vehicle in the Switch version
- Lightpoles fall through the ground when you hit them

Issues with Grand Theft Auto 3:

- You can walk on the lake in Belleville Park
- The game looks too bright and sunny
- No grainy color filter like in the original
- Water isn't dark and oily like in the original

Issues with Grand theft Auto: Vice City

- The entire texture of the cargo ship in Vice Port is misplaced
- Tommy's arm is too dark in the first cut-scene for "The Party" in the Switch version
- The ocean and other bodies of water aren't clear like in the original
- No rocks, turtles, fish or seaweed visible in the water besides sharks

Issues with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

- Rain inside of hangars
- Game lags when flying
- No render distance fog
- No individual weather effects for LS, SF, LV and the countryside
- A lot of close range object pop in
- Pecker's seed & feed chicken's head doesn't move
- The camera doesn't follow the nose of the plane, so it doesn't aim to the ground when you're diving
- Sand storm effect looks terrible
- Wrong tattoos on NPC's
- NPC's glow yellow when standing in front of headlights at certain times
- Characters looking like hunchbacks when ducking
- CJ's body is compressed when cycling
- San Fierro police car garage inaccessible
What the fuck were they thinking rereleasing this steaming pile of shit without doing any major improvements

So fucking funny

I'm really against pressuring companies to do something, but... honestly I kind of want people to pressure Rockstar into FIXING THIS PIECE OF SHIT TRILOGY REMASTER.

Looks like they did fix some things, however GTA III still looks like a cartoon.
Ignore the thumbnail, it's clickbait.

Classic vs new lighting


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