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Allows users to talk instead of typing. Usually allows for more interaction as well.
I have a ts server many people already use it including satis, purple, a guy with gis?. We can make more rooms for people to talk as well. I don't have the ip on me but if y'all like the idea I can look it up.
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Lol didn't see anything like that after my scan of the forums lol but I alrdy have 8 of the donators and 2 mod+ on the ts lol. And someone else who just stays quiete.
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Don't think there's an actual need. Also there's the Minecraft Skype group.
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We actually can have a mumble server. We had it enabled for a while but noone was using it. Perhaps teamspeak would be better...
What is the server you're talking on with these people? And how many people exactly are using it?
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On average? 200 but from your server the average is 5 which is pretty much everyone on at the time lol. I haven't invited anyone else because I didn't want to broadcast and get banned for recruiting. Ill look up the ip after this post.
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