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Saints' Prison Roleplay is a roleplayer server based on creating a highly realistic but yet fun kind of simulation, regarding prison roleplay. New roleplay servers are created daily, but merely 1/10 or those server possesses unique features. Most of them are edits aswell, and that's why the idea of creating a prison roleplay came into my mind.
Here on Saints Prison Roleplay we offer a high quality roleplay experience both while being a prisoner, aswell as while being a guard.
The server in itself is based on heavy roleplay which means we are strict regarding roleplay rules and roleplaying realistically.
We can safely say that we are the only current existing prison roleplay server on sa-mp, and that's why we want to give you a chance of re-experiencing prison roleplay again.



The Saints Prison roleplay script is developed to achieve a fun, interesting and realistic prison roleplay experience.

-One of our features are our prison jobs where you can earn money to buy whatever you need and find inside the prison.

-We have also developed a fast and easy to use Cell system. Basically you don't own a cell when joining the server, but when you've earned enough money as stated above, you can buy yourself a cell which you weill be able to lock, and in the future store illegal items in. Guards are still able to unlock the cell and lock the cell so that the prisoner is unable to get out.

-When dying, you are not just respawned. You actually appear as severely injured in the position where you died. You are forced to the ground and unable to move until a timer runs out.
-You are able to write notes, give notes and delete notes.

-We have a wide range of guard features. To mention some of them we have created a tazer which works with the slicenced 9mm, a rubber bullet shotgun to slow down inmates aswell as being able to cuff inmates. The guards also have the ability to open gates, use the radio and get more weapons from the armoury.


Factions in Saints Prison Roleplay exists in two categories. Official Factions and Unofficial Factions. When creating a faction you start out as a unofficial faction. Unofficial factions doesn't possess any features really, but roleplaying as a unofficial faction gives you the oportunity of becoming a official faction. To reach that goal you must show the administrators activity, dedication and realistic roleplay. The administrator team will decide whenever you are ready for taking the next step onto being a official faction.

Being a official faction on the other hand gives you a couple of advantages and features. When being in a official faction you are able to smuggle weapons and resourches for weapons into the prison which then can be sold to other players in general for a higher price. You can use the faction chat to communicate OOCly between each other. A official faction is alot easier to organize since the leaders are able to invite people, set peoples ranks and set peoples ranknames (For example Sergeant). Being a official faction is a honour, but it also puts you to the test of representing the server.



An event is something very important to keep the server fresh and interestening. Frequent events such as Community service jobs at the quarry, huge prison riots and even prison breaks will be hosted whenever we feel there's enough players online to keep the activity and motivation of roleplaying up.

Going to the quarry is not really a event, rather just a roleplay scene that doesn't require administrators online. The guards would gather the prisoners in a bus, bring them to the quarry where they would be heavily secured. Their task there is to mine ore, while offering a valuable and nearly free kind of work for the state.

A prison break is hosted when the administrators feels like there are players capable of escaping and enough players online. If the escaping players has arranged anything special before the prison breaks, administrators would be able to spawn vehicles that people would have brought there ICly, to make the prison break more interesting.



The staff team in itself is strictly handpicked by me, and I assure, only the most capable ones becomes a staff member. A friendly and mature staff team is very important when launching the server. Without the administrators the server would just fall into darkness and be overcrowded with non roleplayers and hackers. All the administrators are mature, dedicated, strict and fair.


The map of Saints' Prison Roleplay is uniquely mapped and is not copied from any map at all. This is a completely new map made both by me and my mapper Danny. We strive to creating a modern, but yet realistic prison roleplay map.

Very original and nice idea, just a random question: is it also possible to escape the prison?
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