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Saints Gaming Role Play!
(Formaly known as Saints Wars RP)
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Saints Gaming RP , Is Now open to thepublic! It has been in beta for awhile now getting done and cleanedup since we have not been running since 0.3c now we are back andbetter then ever! The server is not 100% completed yet but nothingthat will effect game play is left out all that is left to do is some mapping and a little scripting!

The First 3 People Receive The Choice of a (only 1):
Bronze VIP - 1 month

The Next 2 People Receive The Choice Of a (Only 1):
Bronze VIP - 1 month

The Next Person Receives Bronze VIP for 1 month!
( Do /Report In Game To See If You Won)

Feature's :

Dynamic Car System.
A Normal average player can out up to 2Vehicles which can be purchased at Vehicle Dealerships around themap, After a player purchase's 2 Vehicles they can Donate for up to2 more vehicles That will be in unusable slots so they can not bereplaced ! But Donators can own up to 5 Vehicles that are changeableAnd have access to VIP Car Dealerships.

Dynamic House System

A Average player may own one house anddonate for a second house witch is put in a non useable slot,Donators may own up to two houses both in useable slots. House movesare available for purchase using in game money or you can donate forone , You also have the choice of buying House Gates using in gamemoney or donation.

There are 14 job's in total a Normalplayer can only have 1 Job at a time.
Detective – as a detective you havethe ability to find people help the police or be a PI its all up toyou how you want to use your skills!
Lawyer - Be a lawyer and help peopleget released from jail or defend a client in court.
Whore – Feeling a little dirty ? Sellyour body but make sure you use protection !
Drug Dealer – Keep the neighbourhoodsupplied in all the best drugs.
Mechanic – Fix and Repair Vehicles ,Charge as much as you want!
Bodyguard – Supply Body Armour to WhoEver Needs It!
Arms Dealer – Sell Weapons and levelup you skill to get your hands on better guns.
Boxer – Fight and win thechampionship.
Taxi Driver – Take a yellow taxipickup fares or buy a taxi license and take what ever vehicle youwant.
Drug Smuggling- Smuggling drugs in andout of state is a tricky job don't get caught!
Craftsman – Craft objects to help outpeople with their jobs ! For example the screwdriver to help ArmsDealer and Mechanic! Or make a GPS to help players find their wayaround town.
Bartender – Mix drinks at party's forall your friends!
Trucker – Drive a truck from point ato point b totally legal job.... if you want it to be.
Pizza Boy – Deliver Pizza's all overtown!

VIP System.
VIP's have access to a VIP Club thatoffers weapons armour custom phone numbers and a gift safe when openthe VIP may reach in and get a random item for free it is random canbe anything from a House to Pot, VIP's Also have access to thefollowing. VIP Chat , VIP Garage with VIP Cars to drive any where onthe map able to TP from the garage to SF , LS , LV , SFVIP and LSVIP, Auto Reply Text Messages , Buddy Invites to bring your friend in toVIP for a few hours ( 3 hours play time) , Ability to purchasenegative numbers , Max intrust increased The ability to request anevent , The ability to spawn at home instead of a hospital , Level 5arms dealer , Exclusive ability to create a Micro SMG and Tec-9 ,Decreased RP Prison and jail time , Caller ID , The Ability to have2 Jobs VIP`s also get 20% off in any 24/7 along with 20% off in anydealership , As a VIP you will not get chargered for ATM useage orfor using checks , VIP's get discounted prices on name changes andget invited to VIP only events, VIP's dont have to worry about Potand Crack Houses being supplied you can always buy product, Also AsVIP You Recive VIP Tag In Teamspeak 3!​

if this isnt allowed here sorry i'm not allowed to post yet on sa-mp forums.....
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