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I did some tasks like double action revolver or that axe thing in gta online before i got rdr2 online on pc. Now I cant find where are rewards that I should got in rdr2 from tasks in gta, is it possible I wont get it cause I did that things before I got rdr2 on PC? Also I didnt get twitch prime loot for 6 days on gta online. This should be fixed. In a game like league I claimed loot and immediately got rewards. This shouldnt happen in a company like rock* . Help please.

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The reward is for the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 online, it's only a poncho, and had 3 requirements. I'm not sure if it's still obtainable?
1. Have both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 on the same account
2. Collect all 54 cards from GTA Online
3. Preload Red Dead Redemption 2

I have met all of these requirements and to this day still don't know if I even have the poncho because it was never explained where exactly it is in online. Then again I cannot find much of anything in this game as far as any explanations for mechanics and how to purchase things such as the table for the trader portion of the game. I just don't even bother with most of the things that are supposed to exist. if Rockstar cannot explain their game then it's a waste of time to even try to look it up, just play without knowing much.
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Poncho can be found from your wardrobe (can't remember if you have to obtain it first from delivery box found in your camp).
Table for trading can be purchaced from Cripps when you want to buy stuff for you camp.

Game tells you both of these. :biggrin:
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