[Relax] Sounds from the Ground - Tumbledown


EDM for life ♥
There really is no way to classify this music, it is electronic, but I don't know if I would consider it as Chillin' Dubstep. It's a bit too chillin for that..

But in the description the guy calls it "SFTG Dub" (SFTG = Sounds From The Ground)

I am seriously considering purchasing one of SFTG Albums, or a bunch of their songs. Not downloading, buying. That's how much I love this stuff.

Listen to this song if you're stressed... Put on a pair of good sounding headphones and lay back... Relax.

Awesome listened to this while taking the best dump ever...

Nah just kidding :smoke:

Listened to this while lying in the sofa with my eyes closed. It was heaven :holmes:
Most SFTG songs are like this, really chilled. This is the slowest one I've found however

You can check out more music like this (Uploaded regularly, and lots of SFTG) from this guy that I've been talking to through YT PMs (And he seems like a really cool guy) TNTJahv1er :rasta:

He also uploads some vids of other genres, ranging from Dubstep to hiphop instrumentals
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