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Hey guys!

So most of you reading this topic who have played Project Apocalypse will know me. Over the last two years I've spent a lot of time working for Project Gaming on their Project Apocalypse Roleplay server [free of charge]. I won't go into much depth regarding the unnecessary details but I will highlight some of the key ones.

I left for a small period once, several days later a friend of mine approached Zex (Roman Kane / Marcus Hatter) telling him that I apparently stole $125 from a kid for promises within the server. Obviously, I defended myself against these claims but Zex's mind was made up on the matter and banned me. Several months later, I went back to PA:RP and formally returned to my position as Community Manager / Scripter (because if you stole $125, of course they'd want you back right?). I spoke with Marcus about this and he told me that he knew it wasn't me, and that it was only my friend trying to get my position by making up a story about it. Some "proof" came to light of someone sending $125 to a email address. Despite this, I proved to him that someone was trying to frame me as the domain I used back then was He believed me and I continued to script.

I was then approached by a member of the community who wanted to donate but didn't have PayPal, only PaySafeCard's. Therefore I allowed her to send me the codes of the PaySafeCard's so I'd be able to convert it PayPal, however, the website I tried to use ( stole the value of the PaySafeCard and didn't return the currency in PayPal so I let it lay as I had already given her what she had donated for, I figured it irrelevant. Shortly after that, I saw no future for the community as everyone undermined each other, didn't work together and the community itself was just full of... Yea'... Anyway, I departed again and surprise surprise more rumors came to light about me "stealing money" despite me explaining to Marcus what happened.

In a rage, I had connected to their TeamSpeak Server with Admin' Rights that I still had from when I worked there and deleted all of the channels. Childish, I know. Anyhow, for the next 3 days I was victim to hundreds of DDoS attacks from Project Gaming, I was then approached by iGetty who was friends with me until I promoted him to Developer before leaving who miraculously fell out with me because of the rumors. About 2-3 weeks ago, iGetty also left Project Gaming and surprise surprise, deleted their TeamSpeak... Now, prior to him leaving, he previously threatened me with "Legal Action" for doing the exact same thing he did... Hah.

Anyhow, lately I released a former script of mine named "Project Extinction" on the SA:MP forums (here). I then noticed that Project Gaming started using this script several days later. I then decided to connect to their server to talk to Zex about it and inform him that I would remove it if he was serious about using it. He was AFK. I left. About 20 minutes later I then was victim to DDoS again and found myself banned from their TeamSpeak and their servers. Therefore, due to their lack of idiocy and the work I put into the server and the fact they no longer use it, I am hereby releasing my version of the Project Apocalypse (Project Gaming) script.

- Corello.

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