Looks like imgur banned my account without warning with +160k images


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A heads up would have been nice, been a member since 2009. No warning whatsoever, haven't received a warning the past 15 years.
Granted I had almost 160k images, but still.. I back-upped 150k of them, shame I didn't get the last batch.
The images are not actually gone, I still have local copies, however whenever I re-downloaded them from imgur, I had a proper backup with the correct filename.

Here's the warning I get when I try to visit imgur.com:

Sorry! We're encountering some technical difficulties. Refresh or check back in a few!​

Here's the warning I get when I visit an image:

{"errors":[{"id":"post-api-67556bbdb6-q9gfb/YUVCR2fsvQ-9252887","code":"401","status":"Unauthorized","detail":"The requester is not authorized to access the resource."}]}

And naturally my login doesn't work anymore:

Your login information was incorrect.
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