Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Release date: 26/10/2004
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Producers: Dan Houser, James Worral, DJ Pooh
Platforms (original release only): Playstation 2, Xbox, PC

Location: State of San Andreas: Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas
Timeline: 1992
Protagonist: Carl Johnson
For some ridiculous reason we didn't have a general San Andreas thread yet.
Even though the forums were created because of the multiplayer modification of this very game, back in 2008.

I'm doing another play-through of the game, very excited for this one!

Things were off to a bad start since for some very strange reason setting anti-aliasing to 3 made the game run at 20FPS max. Took a while to figure that one out.. It's set at 2 now and I'm comfortably at 100FPS at all times.

I'm using no cheats/mods/trainers/whatsoever. However I'm using all the tips there are.

Money: I'm using the horse betting method for getting rich quickly. Basically you keep betting all your money on the horse with the biggest return odds: 12/1. If you don't see the 12/1 option and only 11/1 odds, simply exit the betting machine and try again. Then bet it all on that horse. Your horse will lose.. a lot. Every time you lose, simply re-load your save-file and try again. Supposedly the horse is supposed to win 19% of the time, buy my first win took nearly 15 tries. Will pick this up further tonight to generate at least $100 million.

Unlockable benefits: Clearing all the firefighter missions makes you fire-proof, so that one's a prio. Clearing all paramedic missions results in 50% extra health, will do this one in Angel Pine since it's way smaller and thus easier to finish. Vigiliante makes body armor way more effective but is in my eyes the least prio.
Failing the firetruck missions because a car got spawned in the sky and was therefore unreachable was... frustrating.

firetruckfail copy.jpg

Did manage to get it on the second go though. Am now fireproof.

firetruck win copy 2.jpg

Clearing $10.000 cash through burglary was easy by using the street opposite from the burglary garage, then switching between house a and b while dropping off the crates in between them. Took only one night. Have infinite sprint now.

burglary copy 2.jpg

burglary complete copy.jpg

Also maxed out both stamina and muscle by using the gym nearby Grove Street and saving 3 times every time I maxed out.

maxed copy.jpg
Next up:

Finish all Los Santos missions

Collect all 100 tags
, results in:
  • Molotov Cocktail, AK-47, Sawn-off Shotgun and TEC 9 delivered to the kitchen at the Johnson House;
  • Grove Street gang members will start to carry Desert Eagles, SMGs and knives instead of the usual pistol and TEC 9.
Collect all Los Santos oysters, eventually reward for collection all oysters across the three cities will be:
  • Maximum long capacity
  • Max sex appeal (lmao)
Complete all Vigilante and Taxi levels
  • 50% more armor
  • All taxis have nitro and can jump
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Oh man I'm fucking pissed. I did 75/100 tags and wanted to save.. suddenly I'm greeted with this message.
I must have entered a cheat accidentally... guess I'll reload the savefile with 25 tags done... what a waste.

Grand Theft Auto  San Andreas Screenshot 2024.04.11 -
Completing 12 levels of Vigilante is much harder than I anticipated... Mostly because you rack up wanted stars along the way.
Did the horse bet trick one more time, enough money for a while now.

Grand Theft Auto  San Andreas Screenshot 2024.04.25 - copy.jpg

Failed Vigilante at the end of LEVEL 11 FFS, only had one more level to go and then my cop bike blew up :(
Didn't manage to find a police car within 60 seconds.

Grand Theft Auto  San Andreas Screenshot 2024.04.27 - copy.jpg

Grand Theft Auto  San Andreas Screenshot 2024.04.27 - copy.jpg
Guess I'll install some mods after completing 100%, some of these look sick.

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