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Lately I've been having an odd problem with google chrome. Whenever I try to load a youtube video it is just stuck on the spinning wheel, and it will keep on trying to load the video for ever. If I refresh the page several times (usually more than 5x) it will suddenly start playing. Or sometimes after waiting several minutes it will suddenly start playing. I also tried it at other PCs @ home and they seem to have the same problem. The problem started to appear about 3 days ago without any reason, nothing changed on any of the PCs.
Try this Impulse

1) Right Click On YouTube Video


3) Go the the 1st Icon (that one that looks like a monitor)

4) Disable "Enable Hardware Acceleration"
Already tried that, tried it while it was on and when it was off.

To be a bit more clear, it gets stuck like this:
Try this:

1) [ Wrench ] => Options => Under the Hood => Content Settings => All Cookies and Site Data
2) Type "youtube" in the search box
3) Select "Remove All"

You might also try removing the past week/month's browsing data
Actually removed cache/cookies just before I made this topic. Weird thing is that it did not work after restarting the browser, but for some reason (~10min later) it seems to have taken effect. Not sure if it is actually fixed because I tried the same thing 2 days ago as well.
You might want to speak to your internet service provider.

On another note: do you have an internet usage limit? If so, it may be likely that you've gone over your limit.
Tried just about everything and the problem is still there, right it looks as if youtube videos do not want to load at all anymore. Not only my PC, also others in the house :/ For some reason youtube videos seem to load fine on my ipod touch though.

The GTAVC video you posted loads, but it takes longer then it should be taking to load.

EDIT: Hmm weird, now videos start loading after several refreshes again.
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