Germany to legalize cannabis use for recreational purposes


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Germany to legalize cannabis use for recreational purposes


BERLIN, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Germany on Wednesday set out plans to legalise cannabis, in a move promised by Chancellor Olaf Scholz's government that would make it one of the first countries in Europe to make weed legal.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach presented a cornerstone paper on planned legislation to regulate the controlled distribution and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes among adults.

Acquiring and possessing up to 20 to 30 grams of recreational cannabis for personal consumption would also be made legal.

The coalition government struck an agreement last year to introduce legislation during its four-year term to allow the controlled distribution of cannabis in licensed shops.

Lauterbach did not give a timeline for the plan, which would make Germany the second European Union country to legalise cannabis after Malta.

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Finally, let's hope they set a precedent. I myself am not a smoker, but I believe that legalization will result in a lot more money, which in turn can be invested in the inhabitants of said country.
It's great to see Germany taking steps towards legalizing cannabis for recreational use.It's true that legalization can bring in a lot of revenue, and it'll be interesting to see how that money is used to benefit the people.
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