Freeroam Evolution


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Hi there!

I'd like to introduce my new server "Freeroam Evolution", it uses San Fierro Stunt Evolutions code (credits to Andre for passing it on to me & for the scripting), after Andre announced the closure of SF-SE, I thought i'd ask if I could continue it under a different name etc, after a little discussion, we came to a decision to let me carry on with it, so here I am asking you to check it out!

I plan on revamping things so it looks different compared to SF-SE but I do want to keep a little bit of SF-SE in the script to remind me of SF-SE.

So, come and visit us -REMOVED-

Kind Regards, Luis!
Fries said:
AFAIK that was for a server that TMS was heavily involved in so it's not exactly advertising
Eeh, TMS was in no way involved in SFSE. Just a couple of people on TMS went there.
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