Dual 75" 4K TV floor setup


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Found this on Reddit, it looks like a joke, but the guy is serious.


I've had this setup for a while and only just now occurred to me I don't think I've seen anything like my setup posted.

It's not very aesthetic, I just like having a lot of uninterrupted screen workspace without being constrained to windows being in fixed subareas like with other 3+ monitor setups I've seen. I'm generally a minimalist hence the floor setup so was almost going to call it that, but not sure that label would be fair seeing as it's, well, dual 75" 4K TVs...

With regular 28"/32" 4K monitors I was always at something like 175%-200% text scaling anyway because text is unreadably tiny at that size, so I realised I wasn't really utilising all the pixels I had at my disposal. So I figured it makes more sense to just get a larger screen so I can actually be at 100%-125% text scaling, and just sit as close to a large screen TV as I would be if it was a quad 1080 monitor setup on a desk.


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