Chat box!


Hi there everyone, I want to make a suggestion that will make the forum look cleaner in a way and more convenient. A small chat box on the top of the forum which would not only be used for chat but also to show if someone has replied to a thread, created one etc..

Derp has just replied to _____.
Herp has just created a new thread ____.

It's a basic idea but it could be useful.
Man that .gif, haven't seen that for a while.

I really don't see this that useful, because you can check new threads and replies by clicking "Unread" and "Replies" links. And of course there is "All Unread Topics" link as well.

About the chatbox, there is no good place for that. If you really want to chat with us, join in to Skype group, since as far as I know, everyone can join there! Also check this, in case you really want to talk with us (since you're the one who suggested this).

OR, become active here on forums. ::3:

Damn I wrote much.
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