Bosch S01E04 - Chapter Four: Fugazi


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Bosch S01E04 - Chapter Four: Fugazi


Episode Summary

Bosch gets informed that one of the cops of the initial traffic stop made an error, he purposely entered the wrong license plate number so they could pull the van over, the partner wants to report this, possibly jeopardizing the case.

Bosch and Jerry drive to Palm Springs to inform the mother of her son's disappearance AND murder. Things get a little personal as Jerry confronts her for never contacting her kids again.

At court Bosch loses the case, but the state only needs to pay the victim's family $1. So he actually won the case, but the jury didn't want to clear him completely.

Bosch needs to lead an excursion with Waits, where he will show the crime scenes. However things go terribly wrong after the D.A. overrules Bosch and instructs an officer to uncuff Waits. When they try to put the cuffs on again, Waits gets a hold of the gun and shoots two cops (killing one on the scene). Bosch chases Waits but it's too late, he's gone.

My opinion and thoughts

Loved the opening bit at the golf range. Was pretty hilarious watching Bosh and Jerry (well particularly Jerry) pissing off the abusive father.
The female lawyer is one hell of a ****.
Bosch will definitely get blamed for Waits escape, yet the D.A. is the one responsible.. frustrating.
The cat and mouse game between Waits and Bosch can now begin.

Always love seeing the Los Angeles river in series/movies. Probably that San Andreas nostalgia kicking in.

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