Bosch S01E01 - Chapter One: 'Tis the Season


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Bosch S01E01 - Chapter One: 'Tis the Season


Episode Summary

The pilot starts off with Bosch killing a suspect while chasing him at night. We immediately learn that this is not the first time Bosch has killed an (alleged) criminal. "In god's name Bosch, another one?" we hear his boss say when arriving at the scene. After the intro ends we skip a few days/weeks and we're in a civil trial where Bosch has to defend his actions from that night.

Bosch isn't supposed to work on a case while the trial is ongoing, yet he takes over the shift of his two colleagues because work is everything for him. Cue the weekend and there's a discovery of child bones up in the woods. The case is exactly what Bosch needs to distract him from the case.

The coroner tells Bosch about the tragic and abusive life this child led until his death, which reminds Bosch of his days in foster care, where he also physically got abused.

My opinion and thoughts

I'm hooked! Titus is perfect for this role. His partner Jerry is also a solid character. I was surprised to see Lance Reddick in this (Lt. Cedric Daniels from the wire). I'm sure Bosch's past will play a role in future episodes. Also quite brutal that the family's lawyer told the entire court that Bosch's mother was a prostitute. Oh and Julia is going to become a love interest for sure. (the rookie cop)

Favorite moment for me is also the title of this episode.


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